The lease agreement is the foundation of all landlord/tenant interaction. Entering into a strong, well-written agreement can prevent hassle later on for both landlords and tenants. For landlords, we offer drafting services to increase the likelihood that your lease agreement will withhold under legal challenges and litigation. For tenants, we offer consultation services to ensure that you are informed of your rights as a tenant and that the agreement you may be considering is fair.

Should a disagreement arise after the execution of a lease or rental agreement we can still help to resolve the conflict. Both landlords and tenants may be victims of breached lease or rental agreements. Whether rent is unpaid, repairs are not performed, eviction is pending or desired, a tenant refuses to vacate, a landlord unlawfully withholds a security deposit, or either party has engaged in general trouble making, and attorney can help right you to recover for the breach of the rental agreement. Whether your issue can be resolved through negotiation or litigation, hiring an attorney may greatly assist the resolution of your issue.

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