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Over the years, Widerman Malek’s Eminent Domain team has represented owners of all types of properties. We have experience with a variety of condemning authorities, including the State of Florida, cities, counties, school boards, and transportation authorities.

Our eminent domain team members focus on two issues. First, we coordinate with the condemning authority to lessen the impact of the taking on our clients’ property and business. Second, where that is not possible, we work diligently to secure the highest amount allowable under the law to compensate our clients for the damages they are suffering. Our depth of knowledge and team approach ensures that Widerman Malek is the right choice for our clients – whether the case involves trial advocacy, mediation, or negotiation. In addition, our attorneys are experienced in appellate advocacy, able to handle any type of appeal that would benefit our clients.

If you are searching for an eminent domain attorney in Florida and the surrounding area, please contact us today by calling 321-255-2332 or completing the contact form in the sidebar to schedule your appointment with one of our eminent domain attorneys.

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