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Widerman Malek’s business and corporate legal group can help your business from startup to the sale of assets or the merger of your company with another company, and at every step in between. Business transactions come in many forms, and we’re experts at guiding our business clients through the many challenges that may arise in the lifecycle of a business enterprise, whether you’re just getting started or running an established operation.

Our law services cover nearly every business need including selection of entity type and forming your company, contracts and commercial transactions, leases, debt and equity transactions including stock and securities related issues, asset acquisitions and sales, mergers and the sale or purchase of a business, employment matters and regulatory compliance.

Entity Formation

The first step for any new business is forming an entity to ensure maximum protection from liability risks. The choice of entity can be confusing. There are many considerations when choosing between a corporation, a limited liability company or other entity type. There are also choices to make concerning taxation, ownership structure, initial operations, licensing and many other matters. We understand all of those choices and we know how to help you make the correct decisions based on your particular circumstances.

Corporate Governance and Administration

Corporations and other business entities are subject to a myriad of requirements in order to remain compliant with state and federal law. You might have co-owners, shareholders, partners, board members, officers or managers. You may have board meetings, shareholder meetings, an operating agreement or a shareholder agreement. You will have annual reports and other filings that you’ll be required to make. We help you with all of that, because you have a business to run.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We assist businesses in all aspects of the sale or purchase of a business entity, merging with another company, and the purchase or sale of the assets of a business. Business owners understand their business better than anyone, but they often don’t have knowledge or experience in selling their business or buying another company. They need a steady hand to help them understand all of the steps of a transaction and to lessen the substantial burden on their time and the stress of going through a significant corporate transaction.

Contracts and Leases

Your business will have dozens if not hundreds or even thousands of transactions and other interactions with many other parties, including customers, suppliers, lenders, landlords, employees, contractors, government agencies and others. Many of these interactions will be governed by a written agreement. We are experts at negotiating and drafting contracts of every type, including government contracts, commercial leases, supply and outsourcing agreements, employment and separation agreements, financing arrangements, non-disclosures and many others.

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