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At Widerman Malek, we recognize that business owners and entrepreneurs are often confronted with legal matters as part of their daily operations. They need a trusted advisor to navigate through these challenges while avoiding the substantial costs that typically come with hiring a full-time legal team. To bridge this gap, we offer Outside General Counsel Services designed for privately-held businesses. Under the guidance of Kelly Swartz, we deliver comprehensive legal support, providing value through a low, flat-rate monthly subscription fee.

Our tailored approach to outside general counsel services encapsulates a wide array of legal dimensions, including but not limited to:

  • Providing strategic legal advice to CEOs and Boards of Directors.
  • Assisting with strategic tax planning, keeping your company financially efficient and legally compliant.
  • Formulating and reviewing corporate policies and procedures, including succession planning strategies.
  • Reviewing and filing intellectual property registrations.
  • Evaluating your company’s structural blueprint and the efficacy of asset protection mechanisms.
  • Dissecting claims brought against your company and crafting robust dispute resolutions.
  • Navigating corporate filings, including company formation, licensing, benefits applications, and renewals.
  • Assisting with contract review and drafting to ensure your best interests are safeguarded.
  • Liaising between your company and external stakeholders such as vendors, government agencies, investors, and clients.
  • Ensuring your business stays compliant with state and federal regulations.
  • Supporting transactional processes and procedures.
  • Handling workers’ compensation, wage & hour claims, EEOC, Title IX, ADA, and other employment considerations.
  • Advising on insurance coverage and indemnity aspects.

In addition to managing routine legal tasks, we understand that unexpected crises may arise, demanding prompt and efficient legal expertise. Our Outside General Counsel Services are a fundamental component of a comprehensive risk management strategy, delivering necessary counsel during crisis management for timely resolution and damage control.

At Widerman Malek, we appreciate that no two businesses are alike. We dedicate our efforts to understanding your unique business requirements, and tailor our services to meet your specific legal needs. We are committed to delivering a dynamic legal partnership, capable of adapting and growing alongside your business. By understanding your company’s historical and future objectives, we can better equip you to navigate the legal landscape.

Whether acting as a substitute for in-house counsel or simply supplementing an existing in-house counsel team, our attorneys—several of whom are former business owners themselves—are dedicated to protecting your enterprise through efforts to educate, strategize, and provide solutions for everyday legal obstacles. Leveraging our substantial experience in both legal representation and business operations, we offer outsourced, fractional legal services from a lawyer you can trust.

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