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Can you Suffer from a Stroke at the Beauty Parlor?

young woman in a beauty salonYou go to the beauty parlor to get pampered and to feel beautiful when you walk out. For most women, this is the case, but a select few might not be as lucky. They could suffer from a condition called iatrogenic arterial injury, which is a stroke that is caused by the neck being hyperextended. If you think about how your neck feels when you get your hair washed or colored, you can see how the hyperextension could happen. Instead of leaving with a new pep in your step, you could be leaving on the stretcher of an ambulance if the salon is not careful.

This scenario may be extreme, but it is something you need to be concerned with and be on the lookout for when you go to a new salon. Before you accept services, take a look around at the equipment and the people working there. Do they seem to care about their clients? Do they take their time in talking to them and making sure they are comfortable or do they rush through the process just to get to the next person? If you don’t feel comfortable, do not stay – it is not worth the chance of suffering such a severe stroke.

What is an Iatrogenic Arterial Injury?

Iatrogenic Arterial Injury is a fancy name for a ruptured artery in your neck. The artery closest to your vertebrae can rupture, causing blood clots and in severe cases a stroke. People that suffer from either of these issues will have a sudden tingling feeling in their neck and shoulders and they might find it difficult to talk right. They need medical attention right away.

Preventing the Salon Stroke

Preventing the salon stroke is very simple. Salons need to use proper chairs that are easily adjusted so that the neck is not overextended as they try to wash and condition your hair. They can also be prevented with attentive personnel continually ensuring your comfort and that you do not feel any pinching or overstretching of the neck muscles. It is also up to you to speak up if you are worried that something might not be right.

If you experience any type of injury in a salon, whether an Iatrogenic Arterial Injury or any other injury, you should get the help of a qualified personal injury lawyer to help you get what you deserve for the damages, pain and suffering that you were forced to experience.