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Foreclosure Strategy

By Scott Widerman

No one likes to be in a foreclosure action for sure, but if you are there, use it to your advantage. One of the most important things to determine once a foreclosure action is brought against you is what you want the outcome to be. Winning a foreclosure action is not really possible, but getting a modification of mortgage, deed in lieu, or a short sale with a release from deficiency is.

While the outcomes noted above are not a mystery to most any more, the fact that there is a strategy to be put in place to accomplish one of those goals is. Defense strategy is often determined by the outcome you try to create. Foreclosure defense attorneys should have multiple strategies they can inform you of based on the results you wish to achieve, with solid explanations as to why that strategy works with the chosen outcome. DOES YOURS

Stay tuned for future blogs outlining such strategies for a successful foreclosure defense.