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What to Include in Your Last Will and Testament

Signing Last Will and TestamentThe last chance that you have to make sure that everything you want to happen after you pass away does happen. You cannot make any changes to it because once it is in effect, you will be dead. It is a very important matter. When completing your last will and testament you should take it very seriously because there are no do-overs.

There are several things that can be included in a last will and testament. These things must be properly documented. Full names must be used, without the use of nicknames. You must also include each individual item or groups of items. It is important to be as specific as possible.

Beneficiaries: The beneficiaries should be titled appropriately and connected with the specifics of what they are to receive. Each person listed in the beneficiary section should be done so by first name, middle name, and last name. You may even include their birthdays so they are not confused with others who may be juniors or seniors. To avoid any disruptions name a contingent beneficiary. In the event that the original beneficiary could not collect on the specifics left to them, the contingent beneficiary can collect in their place.

Minor Children: If you are leaving anything to someone who is under the legal age limit, then you will need to include a guardian or parent that would be in charge of the child’s assets until they are of age. Details regarding the full names, including the middle, ages, and location can benefit if a conflict arises to whom they were truly intended for. Specific information should be included to the guardian in hopes that they will manage the minor’s asset properly and assist the minor in any way needed.

The Executor: This person is responsible for making sure that the last will and testament is carried out according to the terms that the creator of the will included. This is normally left to the spouse or a close friend of the family. In the occurrence that there is only one beneficiary this person would also become the executor. For those who have a more complex will that includes multiple beneficiaries, an attorney might be the best person to execute the will fairly among them.

Although to think of creating a last will and testament might be a depressing thought, having one just in case an accident does occur is ideal. With several loved ones, having a last will and testament may be the only thing that they have left from your memories on earth.