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Brevard’s Corporate Dodgeball Tournament 2011

Brevard’s Corporate Dodgeball Tournament

June 25th 2011

On Saturday June 25th the Widerman Malek, PL, Attorneys at Law, became the Widerman Malek, PL, Attorneys at Dodgeball, AKA the “Lethal Litigators.”

Competition was fierce and while the Lethal Litigators didnt win the trophy and the $1,000.00 over sized novelty check, they did have a great time competing with local businesses and corporations.  Some of which are their clients which made for some exciting games and a lot of friendly trash talk.

All tournament proceeds benefited Brevard County, Boy Scouts of America, and Widerman Malek, PL, Attorneys at Law were also one of the sponsors of the Corporate Dodgeball Tournament helping to further their support for such a wonderful local organization.  To see more about organizations Widerman Malek, PL supports visit our Community Page.



There were 32 teams that participated in the event
A-team, Allen’s Wolfpack, Balls on Fire, Canaveral Crushers, Can’t dodge justice, Certified General Contractors, CERTON Annihalation, Choke n’ Stroke, Craig Tech Deep Space Dodgers, Craig Tech Purple People Eaters, Dirty Ballers, Down to Fro, Dukes of dodge, fahrfrumdodgen, Hc2, Kiss 95.1, Kool Runnings, Lethal Litigators, Los Guapos, Merill Lynch, No Corporate Affiliation INC, Not in the Face, Out on Bail, Panera, Punishers, Purple Cobra, Ramrod Devil Donkeys, Snake Eyes, Soltec Slingers, State Farm, Tactical, Team Anderson, Team Metromix, Team Olympus, The Bullets, The Rulers


Lethal Litigators Dodgeball T-shirtsLethal Litigators Dodgeball Team Playing

Lethal Litigators Watching the competition