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Celebrity Civil Lawsuits

ray-liotaYou probably think being a celebrity is a great thing.  They are rich, travel first class, have people doting on them and are adored by their fans.  All this may be true, but there is a down side to being a celebrity; being the target of a lawsuit.  Any time you are in the public eye, you can easily be sued.  Of course, there are times when the celebrity finds themselves doing the suing.  Check these examples out.

Let’s start with Bill Cosby.  The world loved him for many years until women started coming forward with allegations of being drugged and sexually assaulted.  Male celebrities have been targets of these types of claims before so unfortunately the claims are always viewed with skepticism.  At first it seemed like a huge mistake, but as the number of women increased, it sadly seems there is some truth to these allegations.  The majority of the sexual assault allegations will go unpunished; the statute of limitations has expired on filing criminal charges.  This isn’t stopping some of the women from getting their day in court.  Janice Dickinson is suing Cosby for defamation of character after he said she lied about her allegations towards him.  This situation is ongoing.  The world will have to wait to see the outcome of the Bill Cosby cases.

Jennifer Lopez is an amazing performer who is known for her provocative outfits on stage.  So it comes as a surprise that Jennifer is being sued for her “sexually suggestive” show in Morocco in May 2015.  The claim is that the show was “indecent and provocative to the religious, moral values of Moroccan society.  Reps for Jennifer Lopez have not spoken out about this.

And then there is Ray Liotta.  When you think of Ray Liotta you probably think of a bad guy type; he plays that role well.  Well, one company thought of him when advertising for their skin care line.  Nerium International has used “before” and “after” pictures of Liotta making claims that their products are responsible for the results seen in the photos. Ray Liotta has sued the company for using his image without permission.  Liotta states he never has used their product.

Many celebrities become targets for companies trying to cash in on their star power. Many celebrities have to take measures to protect their “brand” and find themselves in civil court.  And many celebrities find themselves the victim of people trying to sue them for making up cases because of the potential payout.  Yes, being a celebrity isn’t always a wonderful thing.