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Civil Laws Surrounding Sexual Harassment and Misconduct

Businesswoman Sexually HarassedThere are many cases that travel through the court systems that involve sexual harassment or misconduct. This can be anything from a few comments that were said the wrong way to direct threats that warn of immediate danger to the person being harassed. Civil law has proven to hold its ground in the justice department against harassment lawsuits.

In the workplace, sexual harassment can lead to a long and drawn out case against the accused if they are within the top tier of the company. It can also result in the loss of the victim’s job. The victim can seek compensation for losing their job and that line of income, losing any future job opportunities within that business or company, and any pain or suffering that they endured during the harassment and afterwards.

Forms of Sexual Harassment

There are many ways that a person can be sexually harassed. It does not have to be physically it can be verbally or mentally depending on what has occurred.

The following are all forms of sexual harassment.

  • Sexual Slurs
  • Intimidation
  • Sexual Advances that are unwelcomed
  • Request for sexual favors
  • Verbal or physical touch or conduct that is in a sexual nature
  • Threats that one will lose their job or advancement if they deny the sexual advances

Sexual Harassment Claims

The intimidation of being harassed can cause some people not to file complaints or seek compensation for loss of income or position. This is how many sexual harassment lawsuits are overlooked. There are a ton of circumstances that the civil laws consider grounds for claiming sexual harassment. Here are a few common circumstances of sexual harassment.

  • The victim has or will suffer from injury to their economic wellbeing because of the sexual harassment.
  • The victim was sexually harassed by their immediate supervisor, agent, employer, co-worker, or someone acting within boundaries with the company.
  • The harasser and victim may be any gender. Sexual harassment does not solely deal with opposite genders. A man can commit sexual harassment on another man and vice versa for two women.

Each lawsuit surrounding sexual harassment is different. They are decided on based between facts and the circumstances of each case. This can dramatically change the outcome of any harassment lawsuit. If you would like more information regarding sexual harassment lawsuits and what steps to take if you have a claim, contact a professional. They can help guide you through the process and help you win back your dignity.