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Dinner and a Movie in the Park

Movie at Park Melbourne FloridaMoney is tight these days.  Our economy has young families pinching their pennies.  Save, save, save is the name of the game which is easier said than done.  Saving money means spending what was once wild, carefree Friday and Saturday nights at home with only the television for entertainment.  It gets old, but what other options are available for families to get out of the house without spending their savings?  Well, there is one option available for the Brevard county residents.  These residents can take advantage of “Movie in the Park” nights.

The Brevard County Parks and Recreation presents “Movie in the Park” night all year long.  Every month on either a Friday or Saturday night, residents are treated to a free newly released movie in the park.  Yes, it is free.  Instead of being stuck indoors for another boring night, the family can spend an enjoyable evening under the clear open sky.  Families are encouraged to bring their blankets, picnic baskets, lounge chairs, and games to the park.  Movies start during dusk hours and are PG rated for a kid friendly audience.

To accommodate the whole county, the Brevard County Parks and Recreation hosts “Movie in the Park” night at various park locations throughout the county.  On Saturday, July 13th, Life of Pi is showing at the Barefoot Bay in Micco, FL at 8:30 pm.  Then on Friday, July 19th the City of Cocoa is showing the movie, Puss in Boots at 8:30 pm in the Riverfront Park.

The City of Cocoa “Movie in the Park” Night also offers residents and guests live music before the movie begins.  From 5 pm to 8 pm, families have the pleasure of listening to a live band performance while tasting cuisine from food trucks.  Melissa’s Chicken and Waffles, Curbside Chef, Sunset Ice, App’s and Mayan Grill are all local food trucks that participate in the “Movie in the Park” series.  Their food is very affordable and tasty

With the support and creativity of the Brevard County Parks and Recreation, residents can once again spend a Friday and Saturday night out.  Instead of dining out in expensive restaurants and paying for movie tickets at the theater, families can just go to the park.   “Movie in the Park” series makes saving money easy.  Families can continue to save all while having a wonderful night out.