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Everything You Need to Know about Licensing in General

Licensed StampIt is easy to cringe at the thought of needing a license these days to go out and do just about anything.  We need a license to learn to drive a car and then another one to drive it and then we have to renew it years later.  We need a license to hunt, fish, auction off wine, start our own business, and develop software.  It is a pain to have to check with government agencies and then jump through the necessary hoops before we can accomplish what we set out to do.  But the licensing process is not all drudgery.  It does offer protections that we all enjoy every single day.

Protections We Take for Granted

We hardly think about the benefit of getting a license to drive.  Think about how many people fail the test.  Sure, it doesn’t make them a horrible driver, but tests are required to prove proficiency in areas and that ensures a level of safety we all benefit from every time we get behind the wheel. 

When it comes to intellectual property, licensing is huge.  It prevents your property from being stolen out from under you.  It protects your rights and livelihood should you profit from your works.

When it comes to liquor licenses and permits to sell alcohol, you can be assured that what you are drinking is what is being advertised.  Sure, special taxes have to be paid, but as a distributor, you are ensuring regulations are protecting your brand.

Going Through the Process of Obtaining a License

It can be difficult when trying to figure out where to start getting necessary licenses.  Licenses are issued through the government and its various departments.  Ask yourself what department your type of license would fall into and then look them up.  Each department has clear instructions and requirements for obtaining the needed license.

A hunting and fishing license requires an education course in some states before you can apply for your first license.  There are also different permits for different fish and game you can go after as well as different lengths of time your license is good for.  The cost of permits depends on your status as disabled or a veteran and vary from state to state.

A permit to carry a firearm is purchased from the courthouse in most states and some states require you to have a permit before you can even purchase a firearm, much less carry it.  Some permits are recognized in other states while some states only recognize their own issued permit.

As you can see the process of obtaining licenses of any kind is complex and unique to the state you reside in.  It is up to you to familiarize yourself with the type of license you need and comply.  Penalties are usually strict, so whether or not you think it is a money making scheme, the cost to not complying puts you at extreme risk.