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Federal Judge is Out to Change the Same-Sex Marriage Minds of Others

Gay marriage signWhen it comes to the many states that are still against same-sex marriage, there is a Federal Judge that is out to change their minds and the rulings that they currently have in place against it. There is no reason for other states to not adopt this new change and change the way they think, allowing people that live, vote, work and provide to their societies the chance to also have equal rights to marriage.

The New Law and Regulations

They’re now stating that the new law and regulations make it mandatory for Kansas, and soon to be other states, to allow same sex couples the chance to get married, without being denied. This is coming from the new rules that are being put on all of the states throughout the country. When they do not comply with them, this is becoming an issue for those that are expecting to have their rights met, as humans within the country and the states that they reside in.

It is a constitutional right for these parents to be allowed to both have their names on the birth certificate and that they are provided with the same benefits, rights and other things that opposite sex marriage couples are afforded with. The state has already denied couples the chance to put both names on the birth certificates of children born to them, as well as marriage rights to anyone that comes into the office to file for a marriage license.

The Federal Judge is now banning this office from ever being allowed to do so to these couples. They should be allowed to have these rights served and through the use of the right backing, the state will have to allow these same sex couples to provide them with a way to get married, as well as put both of their names on the birth certificates of children that they’re having together.

As for right now, the changes are currently taking place, as far as what the offices are going to do; the state is going to have to wait and see if they approve or deny these requests. If they do, there are going to be consequences for the state that they’re going to have to deal with because of the changes that they were supposed to make, but decided they were against them due to personal reasons within the state government.