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Joint Authorship or Contractor for Hire

So many people are turning to the internet to start or help maximize their business potential. Many times the proprietors need content and have to get the help of others to write this content. This can create a problem if it is not spelled out in the beginning what the role of the content writer is.

If a writer is hired to write articled for example, are the articles he writes his property? Or do they belong to the website owner? That would depend on the agreement the two parties enter into in the beginning.

If the owner of the site does not get it in writing, the author of the articles is free to post and/or sell the articles to whomever he wishes.

When entering in to such as agreement, such details as taxes, employee benefits, the rights of the hiring party to control means and manner of creation, etc. must be agreed upon to avoid conflict in the future.

If you hire someone to write content for you, you don’t want to see the same content all over the internet. And if you write an article or some kind of content, you want to get paid for it, get credit for it unless otherwise agreed upon and if the owner sells it to other sites, you want to get paid. If these details are not ironed out in the beginning things could get messy later.