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Laws for Custom Bikes

MotorcycleLiving in the sunshine state of Florida you get to see many different types of motorcycles.  During some of the bike weeks there are all sizes of bikes and all kinds of aftermarket add-ons going up and down the roads.  For those who love motorcycles, seeing one of those amazing customized bikes is quite a thrill.  You know the ones I’m talking about; the ones with the super long front forks, high handlebars and chrome everywhere.  The rider hops on, revs it up, making a low rumbling sound.  Wouldn’t it be great to have one of your own?  Have you ever thought if any of the specialized parts would get you pulled over?  They just might.

It just so happens there are several laws that may limit your dream custom bike to a more subdued version of what you had in mind.  Thinking about those ridiculously high handle bars?  Not so fast; Florida law states the height of the handlebars cannot be higher that the driver’s shoulders when he or she is seated on the bike.  And what about that awesome low rumble?  There are laws regulating that as well.  The muffler must also ensure the sound does not increase past the manufacturer’s levels.   And if you happen to want to carry a passenger, like that gorgeous girl you saw at the last rally, you will have to have footrests and a passenger seat.  Florida also requires you have at least one mirror.

Ok, so there are a few regulations on how the bike looks, what about how you look?  You are going to have to wear a helmet if you are under 21.  If you’re over 21 you can go without if you have the required insurance coverage.  You can have helmet speakers, but headphones are not allowed.  And pick up a pair of cool shades because it’s a requirement to wear eye protection in Florida. Who wants bugs in their eyes anyway?

Even though you have these regulations, it shouldn’t prohibit you from having that dream custom bike.  These regulations are in place to ensure a safe, stable bike on the road.  Now that you know all these laws you should be ready to join in on one of the many bike weeks in Florida.  Riding down with a group? Feel free to ride two abreast in a single lane, it’s allowed in Florida.