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Nintendo Files New Handheld Game Patent

nintendoLarge companies continually file patents for products and potential products. Gaming company Nintendo is no different. But one patent filed by Nintendo was just uncovered by a Twitter user and shared on his account this week. The patent is of interest because it possibly represents the next generation of handheld gaming devices. The actual patent application was filed in December 2015.

The device is filed asĀ “hand-held information processing apparatus”, and contains speakers with 3D sound and a vibration device meant for creating a “more immersive gaming experience”. The main device has a large touch screen and just a few regular outboard buttons. However, it is believed by gaming experts that add-ons will be available for those gamers looking for the classic analog button feel.

The speakers will create “moving sound”, for example: when a game character moves from left to right the sound will move from the left side of the device to the right side. The sound mixed with the vibration caused by the vibrating device will make for a more tactile experience.

There are many questions yet to be answered about this particular patent. Is this a brand new gaming system or an extension or alteration of the NX system? There is no way to tell for sure at this moment and gamers will just have to wait for further announcements from Nintendo.