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We Both Have the Same Business Name. Am I in Trouble?

You started your company four years ago and everything is going well when all of a sudden you are handed a cease and desist letter.  The letter informs you that you are using another company’s trademark – their company name.  What are you to do? With the world increasingly getting smaller thanks to the internet, […]

There Is No Such Thing As A Complete Patent Search

By: Mark R. Malek My previous articles (see them here, here and here) have provided information on the requirements of disclosing prior art and about how to do some prior art searching.  Many times, I am asked by a client to provide them a “complete” patent search that locates every piece of related prior art […]

Is Being My Own Trademark Attorney A Good Idea?

By: Mark R. Malek I have been taking in many clients that have started off the trademark process by filing themselves, but have now run up against some seroius issues at the Trademark Office.  After looking at what the trademark owner has originally filed, and figuring out what it is going to take to fix […]

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