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Types of Licenses in Florida

girl in the car smiling happy showing her driver's license - caucasian peopleMost people think of a license as the plastic ID we all get when we pass the dreaded Motor Vehicle driving test.  This is the first experience most of us have with licensing.  As you progress through life, you will most likely obtain a few more.  Here is a list of some of the licenses you may see in your lifetime.

After a driver’s license, many of us in Florida may also obtain a boating license.  We are fortunate to live in an area where boating can be enjoyed year round.  Both driving licenses and boating licenses have their own specific requirements.  The next license people are most familiar with in their lifetime is a marriage license.  This license basically states that the state recognizes that you can legally get married.

When you start out on a career path, you become more aware of just how regulated the business world is.  Perhaps you have decided to become a hairdresser.  You will not only have to take classes to learn your craft, but become licensed to perform that service for the public.  Many careers require licenses.  Plumbers, electricians, building contractors, doctors, nurses, physical therapists, teachers, lawyers and many more occupations require licensing to perform their service.  Types of businesses also require licensing.  Restaurants and other businesses that offer food will have to be licensed by various state agencies.  Gas stations, retail stores and even internet businesses require licenses to operate.

All of the types of licenses may seem a bit cumbersome to those who are required to obtain them.  And, indeed, the process can seem overwhelming.  But the licensing of businesses and the personnel performing certain occupations has been put in place to protect the consumer from harm.  Can you imagine a hairdresser just starting to do your hair with no formal education or standard to operate within?  Or how about someone with an interest in law?  Just because you watch every episode of Law and Order doesn’t mean you know enough to represent someone in a courtroom.  You are going to want to know that the lawyer you are trusting with your future knows what they are doing.  Just like the doctor you are trusting with your health.  You want to know that they have passed all requirements to be a doctor before examining you.

So while it may seem like getting licenses is just another way of the state making money, remember that without those licenses, just anybody could try to do anything without concern for the consumer’s protection.