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Types of personal injury accidents

CrashPersonal injury accidents are exactly what is says; injuries to your body.  The most common cause of a personal injury is from car accidents, falls, accidents in the home and at work, assaults and product defects.  These accidents cause injuries that range from the very minor, lacerations, to the severe, internal injuries or worse.  We’ve all had that paper cut at work that is irritating, but doesn’t prevent us from functioning.  But there are times when the injury is severe enough to interfere with our daily routines.  When you are unable to perform normally and are unable to work, how do you pay your bills?

Perhaps you were injured at work.  You will need to report any injury that occurred while at work to your employer.  Your employer is required to report any injury.  Your employer has insurance for this and any costs for required medical treatment should be paid for by your employer.  Missed time should be reimbursed to you by Workers Compensation.

If you were involved in an auto accident, your policy should have personal injury coverage.  When there are two or more cars involved in an accident, the person at fault in the accident should submit any claims through their insurance.  Medical bills will be covered by this insurance.  If the injury is so severe that you are unable to return to work, a lawsuit for damages will be an option for you to pursue.  This lawsuit will most likely request a monetary award for lost wages, lost potential wages, future medical costs to cover treatments related to the injury and pain and suffering.  An attorney can help you determine an appropriate dollar amount.

Costs from injuries at home will be covered by your homeowner’s policy depending on the coverage you carry.  Keep in mind that you most likely have a deductible amount, so there will be out of pocket expenses.  Injuries from assaults can be tricky.  A victim might not be able to get money from the defendant depending on whether or not that person has insurance.  Any medical costs from a product defect accident will most likely have to be settled in court.  Companies have attorneys on their staff to handle these types of incidents.

Personal injury insurance will help you get financially back on your feet after a personal injury.  Seek professional legal help to determine how to calculate the amount needed.