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What Do I Do if My Condo Was Damaged By Hurricane Matthew?


Are you the owner of a condominium that suffered damage from the recent hurricane? It is frustrating when the condominium association points the finger at the insurance company and the insurance company points back at the condominium association. Or maybe they are both pointing the finger at you. Meanwhile, your unit was damaged, it was not your fault, and nobody is fixing it.

Too many times residents along the east coast suffer damages to their condominium units, whether due to spring time storms or more powerful hurricanes. And, too many times, the residents are left wondering who will help them fix their units, make them habitable again and put them back in the same condition as before the storm hit.

The answer is often found in condominium association documents. Each condominium association is required to have a set of Bylaws, Declarations and Covenants that govern the association. hurricane-imageThese documents outline what areas of the units the owner is responsible for and what areas are the responsibility of the association.  If it turns out the damage is your responsibility to repair, you may be able to turn to insurance that covers your unit.

An accurate understanding of the terms of the condominium association documents and any insurance policies is crucial to protect you from being taken advantage of and made to pay for repairs that are not your responsibility.

Many of these documents are lengthy, full of legalese, and difficult to understand. Insurance policies can be long and full of contradictory language that leaves most people scratching their heads. In times like these, it is helpful to have someone on your side who understands the documents the associations rely on to carry out their business, as well as the insurance policies that apply.

If your condominium unit has been damaged by the recent hurricane, you need someone to help you understand your rights. Don’t be left scratching your head while your damages go unrepaired. Contact me with any questions you may have.