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Widerman Malek Managing Partner Attends Roundtable Discussion with Senator Rubio

Mark Malek, Managing Partner of Widerman Malek, PL. attended a roundtable discussion with United States Senator Marco Rubio on Friday August 19, 2016 at Space Florida. The Senator was so well versed on the needs of the Space Coast and on how to enhance the Aerospace and Space industry in Florida. The Senator discussed energizing the American public about the space program, and expressed his thoughts that commercializing technology that is born out of the space program will help. A humorous side note from the Senator was that the Space Program is not just responsible for Tang!

The discussion with Senator Rubio then turned to education and different ways how we can interest youth about aerospace. Senator Rubio was ever enthusiastic about introductions to aerospace and STEM education at younger ages for our children. There were several other topics discussed at the roundtable, but one thing is for certain – Senator Rubio is dedicated to the aerospace and space industries, not just for the good of Florida, but for the good of the United States. We thank Senator Rubio for taking the time to meet with us this morning and look forward to working with him on this endeavor.


Senator Marco Rubio