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For small businesses seeking to differentiate themselves, patentable intellectual property can be a cornerstone for success. Whether it’s a groundbreaking product design, innovative software, or a unique process, patenting your intellectual property is crucial. But when should small business owners pull the trigger and consult with a patent attorney to secure those rights? Let’s discuss […]

The Basics of Estate Planning

Estate planning documents are tools created to allow individuals a sense of security and protection for their wellbeing during their lifetime and for their assets once they pass away. The five main documents that serve as a fundamental foundation to any estate plan include: Last Will and Testament, Durable Power of Attorney, Health Care Surrogate, […]

Appellate Team Victory: Fifth District Court Upholds Summary Judgment in High-Stakes Bank Account Dispute

The appellate team of Tiffany Ann Jones, John M. Frazier, Jr., and Eric Hostetler secured a per curiam affirmation at the Fifth District Court of Appeals on an appeal of a Final Summary Judgment. This case involved a dispute between an estate and an heir over a bank account with rights of survivorship. The estate […]

Common Law Marriage in Florida: A Guide for Unmarried Couples

Common law marriages are legally recognized marriages between two partners that have been together for a set amount of time, in many places, for example, seven years. Despite the term, common law marriages are not very common in the United States and are only recognized in a few states. In Florida, the belief that common […]

The Corporate Transparency Act Goes Into Effect 01/01/2024 – Here’s How It Impacts Your Business and What You Need to Know

Please Note- UPDATE: Despite prior reports that the Corporate Transparency Act is no longer enforceable, the Act remains in effect except with respect to companies that are members of the National Small Business Administration (NSBA), a private small business advocacy organization based in Washington, DC.  The court’s ruling that the Act is unconstitutional is only […]

Exploring Legal Counsel Options for Businesses: In-House vs. Outside General Counsel

The decision to engage legal counsel is a critical choice for businesses, and options extend beyond the binary choice of in-house counsel and outside general counsel. In-house counsel refers to legal professionals employed directly by a company, offering dedicated legal support and an intimate understanding of the organization’s inner workings. Conversely, outside general counsel entails […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Navigating Seller’s Disclosure Issues

In real estate transactions, seller’s disclosures play a pivotal role in ensuring transparency and fairness between buyers and sellers. These documents serve as a vital source of information, detailing the condition of the property and any potential issues that might affect property value. However, understanding the necessary seller’s disclosures can be complicated, and both sellers […]

Accelerate Your IP Strategy: Leveraging PatentScope API and Automated Document Assembly for US Patent Applications

In today’s highly competitive global business landscape, protecting intellectual property rights is crucial for companies looking to maintain their edge. Expanding your patent portfolio to include the United States is a strategic move, but the process can be complex and resource-intensive. In-house intellectual property counsel located outside the United States can gain a significant advantage […]

Unlocking Success: 7 Benefits of Outsourcing General Counsel Services for Your Business

Many business owners are busy juggling the day-to-day demands of running a business. These same business owners often face legal challenges that require strategic thinking and take their focus away from running the business. While some larger corporations have the luxury of an in-house legal team to handle all of their legal issues, many businesses, […]

Validity of a Springing Power of Attorney in Florida

A Springing Power of Attorney is a specific type of power of attorney that is activated only upon the incapacity of the principal party. Upon the principal party’s determination of incapacity by a physician or a Court Order, the agent designated in the Springing Power of Attorney is then able to secure and manage the […]

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