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Leveraging Outside Counsel: Safeguarding Corporate Intellectual Property Assets

In the area of corporate governance, protecting intellectual property (IP) stands out as a primary concern. In the digital age, where innovation is at the core of competitiveness, corporations must protect their intellectual assets to maintain their edge in the market. Engaging outside counsel has emerged as a strategic imperative for corporations seeking to protect […]

Understanding Your Rights: Dealing with an IRS Notice of Deficiency

Receiving a notice from the IRS can be a nerve-wracking experience for anyone. But perhaps one of the most anxiety-inducing notices is the Notice of Deficiency. This document is sent when the IRS believes that you owe additional taxes based on discrepancies found in your tax return. However, it’s essential to understand that as a […]

Buying A Franchise? Important Things to Consider

Acquiring a franchise has many benefits, including brand recognition, stability, developed business systems, training and support. However, that ownership also comes with certain limitations, requirements, and potential challenges. If you are thinking about buying a franchise, there are a few things you should consider before making that investment. The decision to buy a franchise should […]

FTC Implements Nationwide Ban on Noncompete Agreements: Impact on Workers, Innovation, and Employers

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has made a recent announcement of a final rule banning noncompete agreements nationwide. Noncompete clauses have long been criticized for stifling wage growth, suppressing innovation, and hindering economic dynamism. FTC Chair Lina M. Khan suggests that they impede the creation of over 8,500 startups annually and curtail the ability of […]

Employment Agreements to Safeguard Your Business in the Absence of Non-Compete Agreements

In the world of business, protecting proprietary information and retaining top talent are crucial components of success. For years, non-compete agreements have been a staple tool for achieving these goals. However, recently the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) passed a final rule banning these agreements. There is a lot of legal uncertainty about the future of […]

Exploring Legal Counsel Options for Businesses: In-House vs. Outside General Counsel

The decision to engage legal counsel is a critical choice for businesses, and options extend beyond the binary choice of in-house counsel and outside general counsel. In-house counsel refers to legal professionals employed directly by a company, offering dedicated legal support and an intimate understanding of the organization’s inner workings. Conversely, outside general counsel entails […]


The world of business is complex, and when it comes to forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Florida, there’s more to consider than just filing the necessary paperwork. Having an Operating Agreement in your Florida LLC is extremely important, even though Florida law does not mandate it. Here’s why it is crucial: Clarifying Organizational […]

Starting a Nonprofit? Learn the Basics and Take the First Step Towards Making a Difference

Have you considered starting a nonprofit but don’t know precisely what that means or where to start? The following is a brief overview of what constitutes a nonprofit organization and how to start one. This is a basic overview and is not intended to cover every matter of concern if you’re considering starting a nonprofit. […]

New Doctors Beware: The Importance of Carefully Reviewing Employment Contracts

Employment contracts can be intimidating, especially for new doctors entering the workforce. These legal documents can be complex, with various clauses and stipulations that can impact the doctor’s employment and future career prospects. As such, it is crucial for new doctors to carefully consider the terms of their employment contracts before signing. 8 Terms of […]

Government Contracting Blog: Women-Owned Small Businesses

As one of the (if not the) largest consumers of goods and services in the world, the United States Government represents a very lucrative target market for businesses of all sizes and in all industries.  Bidding for and winning government contracts, however, can often be a daunting task for small or new businesses or those […]

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