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Why Mediation Makes Sense for All Parties Involved

“Can we all just get along?” – Lyrics by Guy Sebastian It is inevitable that conflicts will arise amongst people. We are all different and with differences come disputes. If everyone thought,  looked and acted the same we would be living in the world of Madeleine L’Engle’s Wrinkle of Time. The reality is we live […]

Keys to Mediation: What a party should focus on

Keys to Mediation: What a party should focus on

When you are participating in mediation, you are inevitably thinking about one of two things: What am I getting or What am I giving. Every once in a while, you might be thinking about both. As a mediator and as an attorney involved in tons of mediations, I have watched parties come into the mediation expecting the world, expecting to give up next to nothing, and occasionally expecting to meet somewhere in the middle. The latter expectation is the best, but I think it is rarer than the other two by far.

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