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Different Types of Civil Law Cases

Civil Law book on wooden tableIn the United States for a civil lawsuit, a person has to be found to be guilty without any doubt to be convicted.  Civil law encompasses many different types of cases.  It can be confusing at times so understanding what kind of cases are considered to be civil will help you know whether you have a civil case or a criminal one.

There is a large amount of different types of civil law cases, and categories of civil law. Most people think that a civil case deals with family law and personal injury compensation cases.  Those are definitely part of it.  But there is also consumer law that protects consumers from inferior products that cause injuries.  There is employment law that protects employees from discrimination and other workplace violations.  Business law is part of the civil law branch.  So is entertainment law, animal law, laws that deal with sports, tax laws and, of course, personal disputes.  These include cases of slander, libel, negligence and assault.  Being evicted by a landlord is a civil issue.  As you can see, there are many areas that are covered by the civil court system.

What does civil law consist of?

From looking at the list of types of civil cases there are, you can see that civil law consists mostly of non-violent interactions between individuals and organizations.  Quite often, these cases involved a victim looking for a monetary award.  The award could be for reimbursement for medical expenses from an injury, reimbursement for lost wages at work, reimbursement for damages to property, etc.

Breach of Contract Case

A common civil case is a breach of contract case.  These are the types of cases you see on the court shows on TV like Judge Judy or the People’s Court.  Breach of contract means there was an agreement between two people and one of the individuals failed to keep their part of the agreement.  Have you ever loaned money to a friend with the promise of getting it back and the friend never paid you?  This is a breach of contract case.  Another example is if you are renting an apartment and someone is staying with you and agrees to pay a portion of the rent but never pays anything.  This is a breach of contract.

Because civil law covers so many different areas, it is always best to consult a civil law attorney to see if you have a civil case in Florida.