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Laws You Need to Know about Going Green

hand holding a usb cable with a small plantWhether you are jumping on a green bandwagon, digging your heels in the sand or believe the time is now to take action to save our planet one business at a time, you need to know about the environmental laws to protect your business as well the environment.  These rules and regulations are changing fairly often given the amount of attention our planet has been receiving in recent decades.  Not knowing them can cost you big time.

Environmental Protection Agency

The EPA is the federal agency established to influence legislation, but also to create and enforce rules that promote a healthier and cleaner environment.  These law-based regulations protect not only local ecosystems, but also have a global impact.  We are all familiar with some of its accomplishments such as the creation of Earth Day or notably the prohibiting of harmful chemicals such as DDT, asbestos and lead based paint.  They help to create awareness of pollution problems such as smog and harmful emissions that contribute to poor air quality and acid rain.  You may be asking how this would relate to your business.

The Rules and Regulations for your Sector of Business

The EPA has created sectors to narrow down its relevancy of regulations.  They can be as broad as agriculture or as narrow as dry cleaning, but it is up to you as the business owner to ensure your business is in compliance.  There are a multitude of laws and regulations within each sector covering aspects such as how your business impacts air quality, water conservation and even the type and method of disposal of certain chemicals.  Failure to comply can result in serious penalties including hefty fines; not to mention a growing negative reputation associated with companies who aren’t concerned about the future of our planet.


If your business is found non-compliant, you would be facing charges and daily fines.  There is no adequate plea of not knowing what the regulations were.  Compliance programs are being implemented using on and off site inspections.  These traditional methods are being combined with new NextGen Compliance technology that measures pollutant discharges and utilizes networking with local agencies for expanded transparency and innovation to enforce EPA regulations on all businesses.

Compliance monitoring programs are quite extensive.  It is best to know ahead of time what sector regulations your business may fall under and to stay on top of current changes in legislation.