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A New Indiana Law is Going to Help All Those Involved in Accidents

The new law has gone into effect for the state of Indiana and is going to help all those that are involved in a vehicle accident while on the road. Starting the law means that those involved in an accident will have to move their vehicles from the roadway right after. This is to reduce […]

Types of personal injury accidents

Personal injury accidents are exactly what is says; injuries to your body.  The most common cause of a personal injury is from car accidents, falls, accidents in the home and at work, assaults and product defects.  These accidents cause injuries that range from the very minor, lacerations, to the severe, internal injuries or worse.  We’ve […]

Why You Need a Personal Injury Attorney for Automobile Accidents

Complicated legislation governs personal injury law.  Over the last two decades, Florida has seen personal injury protection reform four times.  Since the first three reforms have been implemented, there had been many more instances of fraud that came forth in the form of fake car accidents and injuries.  The most recent reform was to curb […]

Insurance and Personal Injury Claims

So you’ve been injured in some way and are losing time at work and falling behind on your bills.  You’ve probably hired an attorney and are in the process of filing a personal injury claim against the person or persons you feel are responsible for your current situation.  Before you start counting your money, there […]

Lawsuits on personal injury

A lawsuit for personal injury pertains mostly to a person that incurred an injury after an accident that occurred because of someone else’s negligence. Recently an addition was made to this rule to include conditions classified as industrial diseases, and refer to victims that are harmed because of their exposure to harmful working conditions.When can […]

Jet Ski and Law: Eligibility for compensation

If and when an accident occurs involving PWCs, in order for the victim to be eligible to receive any kind of compensation for it, certain procedures must be precisely observed. At this time it should be pointed that personal injury is not required for a victim to be eligible for compensation. Here is what must […]

My Personal Injury Lawyer Should Wear A Cape!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s my very own superhero, my personal injury attorney! Of course he really doesn’t fly; he walks like everyone else. He’s a respected member of the community. He attends the church across town every Sunday with his family. He was even born right here at the […]

Slip and fall & law

The Florida Law As per the 2014 Florida Statutes, liability for slip and fall accidents is established when the individual(s) or business establishment that is held accountable by law, had actual or constructive knowledge of the danger and should have taken steps to remedy the situation. Constructive knowledge can be established through circumstantial evidence like: […]

Medical conditions and personal injury law

You’ve retired from your job after 30 years! Congratulations! Thirty years in that shipyard was rough.  It’s been a long haul and now you are looking forward to relaxing on a beach with a cool drink in your hand only to be interrupted by the occasional golf game. Perfect. But wait a minute, why are […]

Fantasy Personal Injury Litigation

Lawsuits are everywhere. It’s a way of life these days. You get a splinter on a banister and you are suing the homeowner for pain and suffering. There is most certainly a time and a place for a lawsuit.  Some situations just scream for it. Injustices have been around for ages. Thinking back to some […]

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