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Arnold Black Stood Up for His Own Injustices and Won

There are always reported cases of injustice or outright abuse in the media, but there aren’t quite as many cases that involve police officers specifically. According to the NY Daily news, Arnold Black sued the East Cleveland police force over a horrifying incident that happened to him, and he won big with a payout totaling […]

The War on Drugs

Surprisingly enough, law enforcement members are suggesting a new solution for repeat drug offenders: lighter sentences. For years’ drug offenders have been thrown in jail, only to be released and repeat the same cycle of addiction. Realizing that this form of punishment is ineffective, authorities are working together to seek change. Instead of charging addicts […]

Civil Rights and Civil Court

The atmosphere in the United States lately is all about civil rights being violated.  There are people claiming they are being discriminated against because of their sexual orientation, their age and their race.  In the past year we are all too familiar with the claim from the black population that they are being targeted by […]

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