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What is the difference between Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws?

Florida Today (Originally Published in Florida Today) Business Q&A By Edward J. Kinberg The basic difference is pretty simple. Articles of Incorporation are public records, Bylaws are not. In Florida, most businesses must file some sort of organizational document with the Secretary of State’s Office before starting to do business in the State. For a […]

Bid Protest, Part 4

Florida Today Business Q&A Edward J. Kinberg Bid Protests June 17, 2014 (Originally published in Florida Today in June, 2014) In my last three articles I discussed the procedural issues involved in protesting a proposed contract by a state agency. This month, I will review some of the common issues raised in protests.

Bid Protest – Award, Part 2

Edward J. Kinberg Florida Today Business Q&A Bid Protest – State Agency June 4, 2014 (Originally Published in Florida Today in June, 2014) Last month’s article discussed bid protests that must be made prior to submission of a bid. This month, I will review one of the most significant rules for filing a bid protest […]

Federal Contract Employers

Florida Today Business Q&A Article Edward Kinberg April 9, 2014 (Originally published in Florida Today in April, 2014) Federal Contract Employers On March 24, 2014, a new rule went into effect to assist the Department of Labor (DOL) in determining if federal contractors are meeting DOL guidelines for hiring people with disabilities and veterans. Under […]

Unpaid Interns

Florida Today Business Q&A Edward J. Kinberg October 15, 2013 (Originally published in Florida Today in October, 2013) Unpaid Interns My friend and I both work as interns at different companies; she gets paid and I don’t.  Should I be getting paid? In the last few months there have been several articles in national magazines […]

Using Independent Contractors

Florida Today Q&A January 2012 (Originally published in Florida Today in January, 2012) Edward J. Kinberg I am setting up a new business and am considering using independent contractors instead of employees.  Can I do this? While you can use independent contractors instead of employees, you need to make sure you understand the difference between […]

Ask the Question

FL Today Q&A Edward J. Kinberg March 13, 2013 (Originally published in Florida Today in March of 2013) Ask the Question This month, instead of answering a question, I will be discussing a practice businesses can apply to avoid contract disputes: Ask the Question. Based on my 25 years of experience in commercial law and […]

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