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Are notaries and witnesses needed while making an official will?

Whether notarization or witnesses are needed to make a will official will depend on the state where the will maker lives. Additionally, the amount of witnesses needed at a will signing will also vary from one state to another. Many states just require 2 witnesses to be there as a will maker signs the will […]

Everything You Need to Know about Prenuptial Agreements

While not legally necessary to have in place before marriage, once in place it is legally binding.  Also known as a prenup, this legal document is a safeguard in the event your marriage falls into the half of all marriages that end in divorce.  Compared to what you would spend on your marriage, prenups are […]

Types of Insurances That Protect Businesses

To open a business requires a lot of confidence, knowledge and insurance.  Insurance is the one thing that can protect a business from financial ruin.  Imagine being in business and having someone slip and fall.  There most likely will be medical bills to cover, loss of wages and possibly a pain and suffering award.  If, […]

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