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Is Fee Shifting The Solution To Abusive Patent Litigation Practices?

While fee shifting may be helpful in solving some of the abusive patent litigation practices that are out there now, this can only be useful if a patent litigation cases are taken the distance. In other words, fee shifting principle only applies if the defendant decides to see the case through to its conclusion and only if the defendant actually wins the case.

Why You Need A Patent

A patent could be essential to protecting your invention and making sure that others do not profit from your invention. Without a patent, there is little or no way to stop someone from making, using, or selling your invention.

Patent Trolls Toll – Troll Litigation on the Rise

By Daniel Davidson Move over percentages of marriages that end in a divorce, there is a new percentage in town.  According to a new study of patent litigation released by a Colleen Chien, an assistant professor of law at Santa Clara University, approximately 61 percent (as of December 1, 2012) of U.S. patent lawsuits were […]

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