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Can you Protect your Ideas with a Patent?

You have come up with an incredible idea and you cannot wait to share it with the world. Before you do, though, you want to patent it so no one steals your idea from under your feet and becomes the millionaire you were supposed to be. Unfortunately, until your idea becomes a concrete concept that […]

Everything You Need to Know about Patents

A patent is the legal ownership of intellectual property.  You can consider it like a title to your home or car.  Without it, you legally do not own anything.  And with it, you have exclusive rights to your idea or invention.  If you are considering applying for a patent, here are a few considerations. The […]

IAM Seine … Really …

Intellectual assets encompass intellectual property and potentially a lot more.  To simplify the startup of a company’s Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) program, focusing on one or more of the traditional intellectual asset (IA) categories of Products, Processes, Services, and Brand is a good way to establish a baseline inventory of IA candidates from which to […]

Where To Start …

So your company aspires to start an Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) program.  That business decision predictably spawns the sometimes intimidating question, “Where do we start?” What qualifies as an intellectual asset (IA) is often limited only to the eye of the beholder.  Consequently, taking inventory of those assets can quickly evolve into an academic exercise […]

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