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The Need for Cyber Security

Safety concept: opened padlock in cyber space.It is true and very much happening that many foreign and domestic companies attempt to illegally acquire your company’s intellectual property (IP) and copyright details. Many unknown companies that seek to develop their economic conditions target high profit giant companies in the United States.

Protecting your systems and networks can make your company successful and exceptional. If your company has high tech systems and super computers, you can expect the same technology used to access your IP and trade secrets by the hackers.  Always be on guard to protect your IP. Even if there is an infringement, there are now ways to catch the infringer through modern technology and cyber security professionals.

In a recent event, the University of Central Florida’s Cyber Defense Team members was appreciated and congratulated for winning the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition, through their impressive work in protecting complex networks from specialized cyber criminals. The Vice President himself received the team members in the White House and congratulated them for their massive victory over about two thousand students participating from hundred and eighty schools across the country. This is not just a bunch of people being awarded for winning in a competition, but the work which they did is highly impossible and much needed for defense of sensitive information in the country. This is really great news for big companies in Orlando, FL, as they can rest assured that the government is taking serious initiative in the data protection field.

The Director of the Secret Service, the Cyber Coordinator of the President, the Office of Science and Technology, the Director for National Security and International Affairs and the Vice President himself joined hands in highlighting the significance of cyber security and its dire need for the country in the current environment. . The fact that there aren’t many people working in the field and the need to prepare and educate more and more people to suffice the growing need of cyber security was also stressed. What it means is that there are going to be more jobs in cyber security across the country and students, even in places like Orlando FL, should consider this while going for higher studies.

The Vice president also made the point that, today an increasing number of valuable information passes through electronic computers and networks. To protect such information from intruders, new, better platforms need to be planned, built and developed. There are sectors and Industries that take cyber security seriously and implement accordingly, however, many sectors and industries must take cyber security more seriously; such as  manufacturing and production companies, retail service providers, finance services and healthcare sectors transmit valuable information across computer networks and consequently require an increased attention to new and trained cyber professionals to protect their computers, network, data, copyright and intellectual property.

So creating a robust cyber security department is the essential prerequisite at the moment for safeguarding the Nation’s cyber network systems and intellectual property which plays an essential part in the country’s growth and economy.