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You Can Only Carry Legal Firearms in Certain Places

No Guns Allowed Sign.You’re probably familiar with the second amendment to the Constitution. It protects your right to bear arms. So, if you are a legal gun owner (emphasis on legal), that means you can take your gun with you anywhere you go, right? Wrong. There are actually certain places you can’t take your weapon, even if you have a concealed carry or an open carry permit.

Private Property

If a person requests that you not carry your firearm on their property, that is their right. After all, the property belongs to them, and they have the right to feel safe and comfortable there. This applies to a citizen’s home as well as a privately owned business. The property owner can ask the gun owner to leave, and this request must be obliged. In Virginia, citizens can place a “no firearms allowed” sign and cite Virginia Code 18.2-119.

Federal Buildings

It is illegal to carry a firearm into any federal building. This includes the post office. Most people don’t even know that it’s illegal to have a gun in your car while in the parking lot to the post office. If you who need to pick up or drop off a package, or purchase stamps, you either need to leave your weapon at home while on your errand, or find a different place to park, leave your gun in the car and then proceed to the post office.

States Make Their Own Rules Too

Where you can carry your gun isn’t just decided by the federal government. Each state is allowed to set its own laws too. For instance, some states allow you to have a concealed weapon in public schools, churches or public parks, while others do not. In order to find out exactly where you are allowed to carry your gun and where you can’t you can take a look at your state’s website. Failure to follow the laws of your specific state can result in charges punishable by fines or even jail time.

On top of state laws, certain cities have placed their own restrictions on gun carrying. For instance, New York City has some of the most strict gun laws in the country. In Virginia, cities such as Alexandria and Norfolk ban certain types of firearms.

As a legal gun owner, one who is registered to carry, you do have the right to carry your gun. But even with this right, there are places you can’t take it. Check websites or make phone calls if you are unsure of just where your gun can and can’t go and you can avoid some serious penalties.