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Tips for Preparing for Mediation

Mediation is a great tool for reaching a solution to your issue without resorting to litigation. As most people know, litigation can be very expensive and time-consuming, and the prospect of rolling the dice when it costs so much to play can be a great motivation to resolve your issues through mediation. However, mediation does […]

Arkansas Takes Steps to Stop Driving While Sleepy

We have all done it at one point in time or another – gotten behind the wheel to go somewhere when we were drowsy. It wasn’t the best idea if you were just a bit tired, but it typically doesn’t have long-term consequences. If you happen to be a resident of Arkansas, this may not […]

You Can Only Carry Legal Firearms in Certain Places

You’re probably familiar with the second amendment to the Constitution. It protects your right to bear arms. So, if you are a legal gun owner (emphasis on legal), that means you can take your gun with you anywhere you go, right? Wrong. There are actually certain places you can’t take your weapon, even if you […]

Can You Really Use Statistics for Sentencing?

Statistics can tell us a whole lot of things. They can help meteorologists predict the weather. They can help doctors predict the likelihood of their patients contracting certain diseases. Insurance agents use statistics based on drivers of a certain area to determine insurance premiums. But using statistical data to determine court sentences: is that even […]

Michigan Drivers Must Be Careful When Around School Buses

As schools are about to start for students in Michigan, it’s important to remember local school laws and how drivers are supposed to behave around buses in the area. There was an older law that made it possible for drivers to pass school buses at intersections when they were pulled over in some instances. That […]

Res Ipsa Loquitur: Relieving Plaintiffs of the Burden of Proof

Usually, when someone files a lawsuit, he or she is responsible for proving that the person being sued—known as the defendant or the respondent depending on a few different factors—did something that he or she should not have done, and as a result the person filing the lawsuit—the plaintiff—was harmed in some manner.  The idea […]

Defending a Suspected Murderer

If you haven’t heard the name Steven Avery, you must be living under a rock.  Netflix released its documentary on a 10-year investigation about Mr. Avery, his overturned rape conviction and his murder trial.  Mr. Avery first came to the public’s attention when his rape conviction (in which he always maintained his innocence) was overturned […]

Why Choose a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Innocent until proven guilty isn’t enough when faced with criminal charges.  The prosecution is gathering any evidence they can to prove guilt.  Without an adequate defense to protect your constitutional rights, proving guilt won’t be as difficult as it should be.  Never trust the prosecution to prove your innocence. Benefits to Hiring a Defense Attorney […]

What is Criminal Procedure?

To maintain order and justice, the legal system has procedures in place.  There are two types of procedures, criminal and civil.  Criminal procedure involves the set of rules and laws that govern the process of bringing charges against a person or entity and the defense of the prosecuted.  Basically, it is the way the judicial […]

Who Becomes a Public Defense Attorney?

Lawyers in general are not looked upon favorably.  Public opinion is that the people in this profession are only in it for the money; they don’t care about the people.  There are jokes, criticisms and “lower than pond scum” comments made about attorneys every day.  Here’s one joke; “Do you know the difference between an […]

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