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What happens if a private citizen or company buys some land and the government comes along after the purchase and tells the person or persons, “You cannot build anything on some or all of it because it is a wetlands area”?

Thanks to the Florida Land Dispute Resolution Act, property owners in Florida can get some relief. Under the Act, if the government “restricted or limited the use of real property such that the property owner is  permanently unable to attain the reasonable, investment-backed expectation for the existing use of the real property or a vested right to a specific use of the real property with respect to the real property as a whole, or that the property owner is left with existing or vested uses that are unreasonable such that the property owner bears a disproportionate share of a burden imposed for the good of the public, which in fairness should be borne by the public at large.”

In other words, the government cannot just come to you and say “you have to leave this section of your property alone because there are little animals here that we must protect” and leave you the property owner stuck with a worthless piece of property you paid real money to obtain. If they do that to you, they must pay you for it.

In 2006, in Brevard vs. Stack, Brevard County challenged the constitutionality of the law. Thankfully for property owners, it was upheld. The County tried to argue several points. Their main point was that the courts had no business getting involved. The courts disagreed.

The county claimed that the courts were delegated the power because there are no standards or criteria to guide interpretation of the Act. The court found that there were guidelines on time periods, settlement options and determinations to be made by the judicial system.

So in other words, you can take the government to court if they won’t let you develop your property and you can get your money back.



surfing melbourne florida

surfing melbourne floridaWith the longest coastline of all of the fifty states (1,350 miles), Florida has no shortage of water sports and activities to participate in. One the oldest and still most exhilarating of these is surfing. Luckily, with just a short ride over to Melbourne or Cocoa Beach, those who want to learn how to hang ten have an array of surfing schools to check out that will get you up on a board and riding waves in no time. Keep on reading to find out a little bit more on some of the best surf schools in the Melbourne area.

SurfGuys Surf School, in business since 1997, conducts its classes on Cocoa Beach and Melbourne Beach. Lessons are offered for both adults and children (ages 6 and up) by the hour or as week long camps. With the hourly lessons, you can choose to have private instruction or classes of up to three persons. For the really adventurous, Surfguys also participates in Costa Rica surfing vacations for 7 days of surfing in the warm beautiful waters, beginners through advanced are welcome!


With over ten years in the business, Nex Generation Surf School in Cocoa Beach has you covered. They offer lessons with both long and short boards and provide soft boards to those who do not have their own. Like the other schools, private and group lessons are available along with week long camps. Nex Generation also offers full day and half day camps along with weekend camps and surf clinics.

With their passion and love for the ocean and surfing, the instructors at Cocoa Beach Surf Camp will get you up on your board in no time. They offer private lessons for one to two individuals or group lessons for up to four. Lessons are offered at Cocoa Beach, Melbourne, and Indialantic. And just like their name says, surf camps are held during various weeks throughout the summer. In addition to private and group lessons, surf clinics and corporate lessons are available year round.


Surfing exercises the mind as well as the body and soul, it is not unusual for a person to form a quick addiction to the sport. As the inspiration for both skateboarding and snowboarding, surfing is an important American pastime. Get in on the action and found out what it’s all about! Check out the surf school websites or give them a call for rate information and other questions. You will be catching gnarly off the hook waves in no time!

Dinosaur Store Cocoa Beach

Dinosaur Store Cocoa Beach“It’s raining.  It’s pouring.  The old man is snoring.” Not again – another rainy day.  Passing the time on rainy days is torturous, especially when you have a house full of mutinous rambunctious children.  Let’s face it.  Movies may work for the first rain day, but by day two parents are in trouble.  What can you do as a family when the rain prohibits outdoor activities?

Visit the Dinosaur Store in Cocoa Beach, FL!  The Dinosaur Store highlighted in Southern Living, is a favorite destination for families to visit in Brevard County.  It is a wonderful place for children to explore, learn and play all whilst indoors.  The Dinosaur Store exhibits one of the largest private collections of dinosaur fossils and minerals in the world.  Visitors of the Dinosaur Store have the unique opportunity to see first hand dinosaur eggs, teeth and claw fossils.  They can also pan for minerals.  But there is more than just fossils that lies within the Dinosaur Store.  

The Dinosaur Store hosts the Adventure Zone.  The Adventure Zone is a fun, interactive educational place for children to play, think, and learn.  The Adventure Zone features the Wild Nile River Ride, a (dry) simulator ride that gives patrons a taste of what it would be like to ride down the real Nile River in Egypt.  Along with the Wild Nile, children are encouraged to solve dinosaur puzzles, play video arcade games, hop on simulator bikes, and ultimately just have fun! 

And if that is not entertaining enough for say your “too cool” teenagers, there is always the Reptile Run.  The Reptile Run is home to several alligators, turtles, snakes, toads and even one African dwarf crocodile named Akila.   All visitors have the chance to meet these 25 live reptiles housed at the Dinosaur Store. 

Admission to the Adventure Zone is $8.00 for children (2 and up) and $6.00 for adults (16 and up).  Admission is free for children under 2 years old.  Riding the Wild Nile and panning for minerals are extra services and are not included in the admission price, but are very reasonably priced.  To ride the Wild Nile costs $2.83 and panning for minerals is an additional $6.00.

Rain or shine, the Dinosaur Store offers families a fun day of learning and playing.  It sure beats another monotonous day of movie watching.  Plus it gets the whole family out of the house and spending quality time together.  Now isn’t that what it is all about?  For parents, the Dinosaur Store checks all the right boxes.  




Local events Central East Coast Florida

Local events Central East Coast Florida

What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July, then to remember where it all began. 1776 is performing July 4th thru July 14th at the Historic Cocoa Village Playhouse. 1776 is a musical play depicting the lives of our famous founding fathers during the tumultuous year of 1776. It takes the audience back in time during the height of political unrest in the New England colonies. The war against the British is already underway, as 56 delegates bunker down in the assembly hall at the Pennsylvania State House in Philadelphia. The task before them is enormous. They must manage a war effort while at the same time create a new government from scratch. The play brilliantly portrays the perils these brave men faced and overcame to establish the United States of America. Fears, worries, pride and indignation all bubble to the surface as these congress members persevere to draft what is today referred to as the Declaration of Independence.

The Historic Cocoa Village Playhouse, affectionately nicknamed “Broadway on Brevard”, is located at 300 Brevard Avenue in Cocoa, FL. The playhouse, entertaining the public since 1924 recently underwent renovations. The Playhouse now boasts a new three story technical support annex. With the new renovations, The Historic Cocoa Village Playhouse is able to bring in other larger travelling performing acts, including upcoming ballet company productions. The first show for 1776 begins on the Fourth of July for a special 2 p.m premiere showing.

Tickets for 1776 can be purchased online or directly at the Historical Cocoa Village Playhouse. Ticket prices range in price from $16 to $24. It is best to reserve in advance as shows are known to sell out quickly.