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Defective Products & Law

Definition of Defective Products One of the major causes for personal injuries or deaths in Florida and the U.S.A. are dangerous & defective products. The law defines such products as, when their manufacturer has failed to sell to the public, products that conform with the applicable standards of safety, or has not adequately warned the […]

Filing a Worker’s Compensation Claim and Dealing with Your Employer

There is a lot involved with the day to day lifestyles of a regular person. There is the home where you must maintain and care for on a regular basis. If you have children, pets, parents, or other people that you frequently take care of you have many more schedules and fees to focus on. […]

Claim Drafting – Go Narrow or Broad?

By: Dan Pierron Claim drafting ain’t easy.  On top of having to concisely describe a quite-often complicated invention, there are all the strategic implications on word choice, independent-dependent relationships, and too many others to recite here.  However, one overarching strategic decision to be made when drafting claims prior to filing an application is this; should one […]

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