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Primerus Young Lawyers Seminar in San Diego

Attorneys J. Mason Williams, Dan Pierron and Eric Hostetler attended the Primerus Young Lawyers seminar at the Law Offices of Ferris & Britton in San Diego, California, where they met with attorneys and other professionals from around the world to learn and discuss the newest and best ways to serve their clients’ needs.

Construction Bonds in Florida

Bonds hold a certain mystery for the uninitiated, and not for nothing. But they’re not so complicated, and at their essence, they’re no more than contracts. The basis of any bond is that a surety (the party posting the bond) guarantees to pay if the principal (usually the contractor) defaults on an obligation. A key […]

What is Construction Law?

What is Construction Law?

Construction law is really a form of contract law, but a very complex and technical form of contract law that has many additional twists and turns. It can also include tort claims, as in the case of construction defects or negligence. Construction law for starters involves some form of design or construction project. The parties involved range from owners to architects and engineers to contractors and subcontractors with several parties in between.

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