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Hackers Breach Voting System

With voting season just around the corner, trouble seems to be lurking in the air. The FBI is investigating individuals who have attempted to hack into the voter registration system in not 1, but over a dozen states. With the right software, hacking can be surprisingly easy; so easy in fact, that the culprits haven’t […]

Intellectual Property: A Threat from Within

The most costly data breaches are usually those that are created by a malicious insider. These people normally have access to things external hackers generally don’t have access to, like intellectual property, which in turn allows them to get into areas only known to them and to have additional insight as to the areas most […]

Data Breach at DHS

A new alarming development has revealed that sensitive information of about twenty five thousand employees of the US Department of Homeland Security was hacked. The officials of DHS said that the data breach occurred through USIS, US Investigations Services, that is responsible for background checks and security clearances of DHS employees was hacked by what […]

The Need for Cyber Security

It is true and very much happening that many foreign and domestic companies attempt to illegally acquire your company’s intellectual property (IP) and copyright details. Many unknown companies that seek to develop their economic conditions target high profit giant companies in the United States. Protecting your systems and networks can make your company successful and […]

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