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What Do I Do if My Condo Was Damaged By Hurricane Matthew?

Are you the owner of a condominium that suffered damage from the recent hurricane? It is frustrating when the condominium association points the finger at the insurance company and the insurance company points back at the condominium association. Or maybe they are both pointing the finger at you. Meanwhile, your unit was damaged, it was […]

Why Intellectual Property Insurance Makes Sense

If you own a major company that relies on intellectual property as one of the most important elements to success, and this is often a part of most major companies, then you should consider getting intellectual property insurance. This is an insurance property that protects the intellectual property of your company, and helps cover your […]

Intellectual Property Insurance

In the midst of Florida winter, it’s easy to forget about the dangers lurking from June to November. It’s been ten years since a major tropical system has made landfall in Florida. When was the last time your building caught on fire or a lightning strike completely fried your electronics? It’s probably been awhile. Yet, […]

Types of Insurances That Protect Businesses

To open a business requires a lot of confidence, knowledge and insurance.  Insurance is the one thing that can protect a business from financial ruin.  Imagine being in business and having someone slip and fall.  There most likely will be medical bills to cover, loss of wages and possibly a pain and suffering award.  If, […]

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