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Workers Compensation and What It Means for the Employee

When a person gets hurt while on the job, there may be grounds for a worker’s compensation claim if the employer can be found at fault. The implications during a worker’s compensation suit can cause issues later on for the victim of the accident. Each state has its own set of worker’s compensation laws and […]

Civil Laws Surrounding Sexual Harassment and Misconduct

There are many cases that travel through the court systems that involve sexual harassment or misconduct. This can be anything from a few comments that were said the wrong way to direct threats that warn of immediate danger to the person being harassed. Civil law has proven to hold its ground in the justice department […]

Facebook Page Likes/Twitter Page Follows – Whose Property is it?

The people of Orlando, FL were taken back by the latest ruling made by a Florida federal court judge in the Stacey Mattocks vs. Black Entertainment Television network, when he ruled that Facebook ‘like’ cannot owned by anyone. The Gist of the Lawsuit Stacey Mattocks, a South Florida based insurance agent, was credited for helping […]

Anti-Plagiarism Tools: the new Weapon Against Copyright Violations and Other Intellectual Property Violations

Years and years ago it was very uncommon to find an experienced lawyer in anyplace but a big city when it came to intellectual property law. Nowadays you can find them even in the smallest towns. The reason for this is the rise of the internet and other media that ease the access to an […]

Florida Foreclosure Dismissal may not be the End of the Fight

As a Florida resident you are entitled to many rights and protections under its laws, a foreclosure proceeding that is deemed unlawful is a part of those protections and rights. Often your lawyer will seek to have your case dismissed by some means so that the foreclosure proceeding is halted. Unfortunately for the mortgage borrower […]

Traps to Avoid When Negotiating Royalties

Royalties are a wonderful way for inventors to collect payment for the use of their inventions. Any time a song is played on the radio the song composer receives a royalty for their work. Any time an artist’s drawing is replicated the artist receives a royalty and any time an author’s published work is reprinted, […]

Employers Demanding Facebook Passwords from Job Seekers

Is it legal for employers to demand access to potential job seekers’ Facebook accounts?  This is currently a hot debate topic across the country and here in the state of Florida.  With the national unemployment rate at 7.9 % and Florida slightly worse off at an 8% unemployment rate, many job seekers are feeling pressured […]

Does Facebook Have Control Over Your IP Content?

Does Facebook have the right to use your photos without your permission? Are your intellectual property rights over personal photos and videos forfeited when posted to Facebook? I am going to address both of these questions separately.  Let us start with the first question.  Can Facebook use your photos without your consent?  No.  Facebook does […]

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