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Arnold Black Stood Up for His Own Injustices and Won

There are always reported cases of injustice or outright abuse in the media, but there aren’t quite as many cases that involve police officers specifically. According to the NY Daily news, Arnold Black sued the East Cleveland police force over a horrifying incident that happened to him, and he won big with a payout totaling […]

Katie McLaughlin Taking Sandwich Giant Subway to Court

If you are not familiar with the name Katie McLaughlin, she is the ex-wife of former Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle. She has not only divorced the convicted sex offender, but is now taking the sandwich chain to court which Fogle used to represent. The reasoning behind her taking the sandwich chain to court is to […]

Florida personal injury litigation settlements

We have all read about the huge settlements given to some people at the conclusion of their personal injury claim.  Millions of dollars are seemingly awarded for what seems to be minor things.  I thought it would be interesting to look at some of the awards given to Florida residents for their personal injury claims. […]

LA Jail Beatings Lead to Major County Payouts

Charged with alleged battery and filing fraudulent reports, five of the eighteen sheriff’s deputies of the Los Angeles police department from Federal indictments are now being sued. Testimonies were taken from prisoners and those affected that state of the crimes. Legal experts say this could mean big payouts from the county to the plaintiffs involved […]

“Textgate” Settlement Reached

The misuse of cell phones by politicians in recent years has caused many promising careers to abruptly come to an end.  We all use personal cell phones in today’s world, but politicians need to remember that cell phone texts, calls and emails are all public record as Anthony Weiner all knows to well.  Anthony Weiner’s […]

Keys to Mediation: What a party should focus on

Keys to Mediation: What a party should focus on

When you are participating in mediation, you are inevitably thinking about one of two things: What am I getting or What am I giving. Every once in a while, you might be thinking about both. As a mediator and as an attorney involved in tons of mediations, I have watched parties come into the mediation expecting the world, expecting to give up next to nothing, and occasionally expecting to meet somewhere in the middle. The latter expectation is the best, but I think it is rarer than the other two by far.

Mediation: Strategies for a Successful Settlement

By: Eric L. Hostetler, Esq. Mediation, in most cases, is a required step in the litigation process. Understanding the mediation process is one thing, but being prepared is the goal to a successful resolution for your client. This article will address some strategies for a successful mediation. 1. Know your case This may sound elementary, […]

Mediation: Lights, Camera…Action?

By: Eric L. Hostetler, Esq. Mediation has proven to be a very beneficial procedural tool in my career so far in resolving cases and conflicts. The basis of its effectiveness revolves around three factors: 1) Plaintiff’s counsel; 2) Defense counsel; and 3) the Mediator. Notice that I did not list as one of the factors […]

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