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Holograms, Michael Jackson and Cirque De Soleil

In 1991, Natalie Cole made headline news when she recorded the song “Unforgettable” along with her father, who had passed away years before.  He was not only on the sound track, but with the advances in technology, was present in the video as well.  It’s now 2014 and technology has continued to advance in the […]

Game Developer Candy Crush Stirs up Protests Over “Candy” Trademark

In recent years, we are seeing common words being trademarked that borders on ridiculous. How can common words that are used in every day language and useded in hundreds of brand products be trademarked? One such recent example is game developer attempts to trademark the word “Candy” for their Candy Crush game. Is this […]

Efficient, Transparent, Protection: China’s New Trademark Law

Recently China has been in the news again with their adoption of a revised Trademark Law. In discussion for almost ten years, the new law was passed on August 30th and marks the third time the original 1982 law had been amended. It will officially take effect on May 1st of next year and features […]

I Have Been Served With a Complaint, Now What?

You may or may not know it is coming. There has been a dispute on-going for a while, unfortunately you and your adversary are miles apart in reaching an agreement. Threats of legal action have been made, but nothing has materialized. Until you get that knock at your door and someone says, “Are you Mr. […]

Why Not Shoveling Saves You from Liability Lawsuits

Here is a story from one of our readers that we felt should be shared. Please enjoy. My sister used to work as a claim adjuster for CVS.  As a claims adjuster, my sister learned a great deal about liability laws and on occasion would share her knowledge.  On one such visit to the family […]

Apple vs. Samsung: Apple Gets One Billion Richer

    A jury awarded Apple over one billion and fifty million dollars in their lawsuit over patent infringements with Samsung. There were some troubling facts about the case though. The jury awarded an extra 2.5 million on a devise they ruled did not infringe on Apple’s patents. Sloppy. They also took only three days […]

Private Property Owner

  What happens if a private citizen or company buys some land and the government comes along after the purchase and tells the person or persons, “You cannot build anything on some or all of it because it is a wetlands area”? Thanks to the Florida Land Dispute Resolution Act, property owners in Florida can […]

Brevard’s Corporate Dodgeball Tournament 2011

Brevard’s Corporate Dodgeball Tournament

June 25th 2011

On Saturday June 25th the Widerman Malek Attorneys at Law, became the Widerman Malek Attorneys at Dodgeball, AKA the “Lethal Litigators.”

Competition was fierce and while the Lethal Litigators didnt win the trophy and the $1,000.00 over sized novelty check, they did have a great time competing with local businesses and corporations.  Some of which are their clients which made for some exciting games and a lot of friendly trash talk.

All tournament proceeds benefited Brevard County, Boy Scouts of America, and Widerman Malek Attorneys at Law were also one of the sponsors of the Corporate Dodgeball Tournament helping to further their support for such a wonderful local organization.  To see more about organizations Widerman Malek supports visit our Community Page.



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