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Firearms are Allowed in Indiana Polling Locations

There are currently a lot of questions floating around about whether or not it’s legal to carry firearms into voting booths and outside of booths in the state of Indianapolis. That’s because the state has passed laws that make it legal for its residents to carry firearms nearly anywhere that they go other than a […]

New Law in Virginia is Stopping Kids Under 16 From Getting Married

While many people did not even know that children under the age of 16 could get married throughout many of the states in the country, now there is a ban that is being put on the children from being able to get married if they’re not at least 16 and with the permission of their […]

Bosco’s in Anchorage Has Been Cited for Child Labor Laws

Child labor laws have been around for quite some time, and this is causing a lot of issues within the area for those that may not be using them and squeezing out the most without actually following them. Bosco’s in Anchorage is one of the next ones on the radar when it comes to being […]


Many people consider the importance of a will as part of their estate plan but never stop to consider the need for a valid Power of Attorney.  A power of attorney is a legal document that allows you to choose another person (agent) to transact on your behalf.  It is considered wise to also choose […]

Attorneys from Widerman Malek, PL meet with Governor Rick Scott

        Attorneys Mark Malek, and Dan Pierron had to opportunity to meet with Governor Rick Scott recently during the grand opening of the new facility at the Melbourne International Airport for private jet manufacturer Embraer.  The facility represented yet another investment by Embraer in Melbourne to expand their operations. This expansion would […]

Top Six Facts About Estate Planning

When making arrangements for your passing, the discussion, although necessary, is never really an easy adjustment to make or accept. Nonetheless, everyone, at some point in time, needs to have the discussion and do the paperwork. Here are six facts about estate planning that will make the process a bit less daunting. Trusts aren’t just […]

Patents – Get the Facts Right Part 1

It’s so easy to get caught up in the hype about patents that you somehow lose the understanding and the truth of what they cover and don’t cover, what they’re worth and not worth and when they’re needed and not needed. Everyone has an opinion and you soon learn that not everyone knows what they’re […]

PepsiCo Vs. D. W. Hunter – Is it a Real Case?

With people becoming more and more aware of intellectual property, the number of cases and confusion regarding these types of cases are increasing by leaps and bounds. Many countries, including the US are struggling to get a handle on the situation by modifying and interpreting the laws relating to copyright, patent and intellectual property. However, […]

A Lesson to be Learned from Intellectual Property Giants

Minoru Usui, President of Epson, adheres to a valuable lesson that all companies should try to learn. He knows the worth of an Intellectual Property (IP) and therefore, tries his best to capitalize on it. It is only when a company comes out with unique IP that no one else has, that the company will […]

A New Way to Approach Copyright and IP Issues

The world out there is getting bigger all the time, especially with the internet and millions of users working hand in hand. While this looks like the perfect environment for ingenuity and creativity to grow and thrive, particularly when the creations are under patent protection, there is a darker side that has to be tackled […]

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