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Increasing Number of Child Deaths Through China Call for New Laws

General Law Abroad: Times are changing, and this means throughout the world and not just within our country. China is seeing a lot of child deaths throughout the years and they’re calling for a change in this. Not only are these children in the guardianship of their family members, but apparently their guardians are not […]

Funeral Costs after an Accident

Wrongful death is traumatizing to the surviving family – and typically will result in hidden expenses – beginning with the cost of a burial and funeral. Consider the below details. The individual products and services of a funeral involve: Casket and additional products like prayer cards and a temporary grave marker Administrative and professional services […]

Do You Have A Responsibility In A Wrongful Death Case?

Blame; it’s something a lot of people want to put on someone when something bad happens.  Someone has to be responsible; it couldn’t have been just an accident.  When considering wrongful death lawsuits, where does the proverbial buck stop?  Who is responsible for what? Let’s start with something we all hear about every day, 9-1-1 […]

What determines the value of a wrongful death verdict?

Once a verdict has been found finding someone responsible for a wrongful death, there needs to be an amount of money determined to be awarded to the family.  Have you ever wondered just how this sum is determined?  Is there a formula that judges use to calculate that amount?  It turns out there are 8 […]

Wrongful death by execution

Everyone knows that the justice system isn’t 100% right 100% of the time.  There have been innocent people found guilty in many different areas of the law.   It’s nearly impossible to determine if all the inmates in prison are innocent, like they claim, but DNA has cleared some of their convictions.  Some of the evidence […]

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