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Facebook Page Likes/Twitter Page Follows – Whose Property is it?

The people of Orlando, FL were taken back by the latest ruling made by a Florida federal court judge in the Stacey Mattocks vs. Black Entertainment Television network, when he ruled that Facebook ‘like’ cannot owned by anyone. The Gist of the Lawsuit Stacey Mattocks, a South Florida based insurance agent, was credited for helping […]

Infringement Lawsuit Over a Paper Bag!

Here is an interesting piece of news about two companies using paper bags for advertisements. It all started when a Georgia law firm started distributing brown paper bags which can be used to carry beer cans. This firm deals with drunk driving incidents and probably gave out paper bags for beer cans as a calling […]

International Patents: How Do You Protect Yourself From Foreign Copiers?

You’ve got the next greatest money-making idea. You go to the U.S. patent office and get the tights to your idea. That’s all good, but what about the international rights? It’s a small world. You’ve heard that said many times, but especially now in the age of the internet and smart phones, the world has […]

Shark Tank: Scottevest Controversy Leads to Dropping of Clause

If you have not watched the TV Show “Shark Tank”, it is a show where small business entrepreneurs and inventors go to appear on TV to “be discovered”. This led Scott Jordan, the inventor of TEC (Technology Enabled Clothing) to appear on the show. But there was a nasty little clause in the agreement to […]

The Unionization of NCAA Players

What could the possible unionization of NCAA players possibly mean to a patent, copyright and trademark legal firm in Florida?  It may sound strange, but perhaps quite a lot.  Right now, this article is pretty speculative in terms of what the future may hold, but knowing that major changes may be in the works for […]

Holograms, Michael Jackson and Cirque De Soleil

In 1991, Natalie Cole made headline news when she recorded the song “Unforgettable” along with her father, who had passed away years before.  He was not only on the sound track, but with the advances in technology, was present in the video as well.  It’s now 2014 and technology has continued to advance in the […]

Don’t Mess With Judge Judy!

Judge Judy, the well known television jurist who is known for settling small claims lawsuits on her show, but is perhaps better known for her cantankerous attitude and sharp wit has filed her very first civil lawsuit against someone else.  She alleges that a personal injury lawyer named John Haymond of Haymond Law has taken […]

Coinye, I mean, Kanye sues Amazon

Kanye West is surely no gold digger, but he’s certainly looking to figure out who is using his name satirically to develop a little dough. That’s right, if you’re a business that could have any possible hand in supporting a new virtual currency, Coinye West? Kanye is coming for you. That was no typo, Coinye […]

Y, M, C, No More?

More likely than not you have heard the “YMCA” at every school dance or wedding you have ever attended. As great or terrible as that might be depending on the love or hate you may feel for the tune, the likelihood of hearing this or some other popular Village People songs might dwindle in the […]

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act – Not Just for Protecting Intellectual Property?

No one would disagree that plane crashes are a terrible and inescapable fact of life in today’s ever increasing busy and mobile society. Another arguably terrible side effect to today’s bustling, need it now mindset are the 24-hour news networks – and when a plane does go down, these networks are climbing all over each […]

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