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Don’t Be Suckered By Your Employer To Avoid Filing a Worker’s Compensation Claim

Compensation claim.When you or a loved one is hurt on the job at the fault of the employer, there are definitely grounds for a workers compensation claim. There are thousands of ways that an accident can happen at work without the company having prior knowledge of it. However, when it comes to taking responsibility or liability for those accidents, some companies might try to swindle their way out of having to pay compensation. When an injury occurs on the job, or even on job sites that are separate from the company’s property, the company can be found at fault. It is highly suggested to take pictures and record any accounts by witnesses that were present at the time of the accident. They may be the turning point in whether or not you receive compensation for your injuries.

There is a possibility that a claim is rejected or denied by the employer. If you or your loved one feels as if this was an unjust decision you can seek legal counsel to help represent your appeal of their decision. Examples of when to seek legal counsel can include:

  • Being denied when the fault was rightfully the companies and not your own. You may have proof of this or proof may be obtained through video cameras or witnesses.
  • If you were asked to return to work, even with an accommodation to your injury, you should seek counsel immediately.
  • If the doctor says that you can return to work, but you don’t feel as if you should be doing that just yet, or maybe your injuries prevent you from standing or sitting for long periods of time and you know your body cannot handle the pressures of working, you may need to seek a worker’s compensation lawyer.
  • If you have not fully recovered from your injury in the given time and your employer insists that you return to work, but you are unsure of your strength to work, you may need to seek counsel.

There are several statues that have dealt with workers compensation cases such as the Black Lung Benefits Act, which entitles miners who are suffering from Pneumoconiosis, or black lung disease, to compensation. Although you may not find your case in an “Act” or Federal Statute, but your case matters. There are legal professionals that can help you file and represent you during the court procedures. To find a representative near you, contact your local labor board and request a list of workers compensation lawyers.