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… And Here Comes “Alice”!

Don’t look now, but it appears the post-Alice USPTO guidance regarding patent eligibility has kicked in. The following is a form paragraph recently used by an Examiner at the USPTO in a rejection of certain process claims:

SCOTUS on “Alice”: It’s The Application, Stupid!

Old habits die hard.  But the U.S. Supreme Court patiently keeps trying to euthanize the habit of too many patent professionals to reflexively (but not necessarily purposefully) tie patent claims to some computer.  Any computer!  The latest attempt to break this habit comes in the context of the Alice Corp. Pty. Ltd. v. CLS Bank Intl. […]

Case Brief: CLS Bank v. Alice (Round 5)

In a dissent from the court opinion filed in CLS Bank v. Alice Corp, Federal Circuit Judges Linn and O’Malley unceremoniously burst the bubble of several Amici who urged the court to use this case to undermine software patents. In the process, the authors school their colleagues on the dangers of two judicial sirens:  extra-record fact finding and legislating from the bench.  

Case Brief: CLS Bank v. Alice (Round 4)

Another day, another case brief of an opinion filed in CLS Bank v. Alice Corp.  Today’s fare is the concurrence-in-part and dissent-in-part authored by Federal Circuit Judge Newman, who takes the “Memory Lane” award for citing precedent from 1958, … and 1939, … and 1813.  Did you know that “patent” is derived from the latin […]

Case Brief: CLS Bank v. Alice

Nothing conjures memories of law school like writing a case brief (with the possible exception of an emergency root canal).  Nonetheless, the judicial bar fight that is the Federal Circuit en banc decision in CLS Bank v. Alice Corp inspires me to dust off my case briefing skills, starting with Judge Lourie’s plurality concurrence as joined by Judges Dyk, […]

Patent Ineligibility: All *And* Nothing?

Brace yourselves for a months-long uptick in the ever-smoldering debate over software and business method patents.  This time, the fuel to the fire is the Federal Circuit en banc decision issued on May 10, 2013 in CLS Bank v. Alice Corp.  Much will be written in the coming days about the areas of disagreement between the various Federal […]

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