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PepsiCo Vs. D. W. Hunter – Is it a Real Case?

With people becoming more and more aware of intellectual property, the number of cases and confusion regarding these types of cases are increasing by leaps and bounds. Many countries, including the US are struggling to get a handle on the situation by modifying and interpreting the laws relating to copyright, patent and intellectual property. However, […]

Hackers Steal Sensitive Information from CHS Database

In the information age today, protection of sensitive information has become a huge concern. Whether you are a small sized company or a giant it matters not, what matters is the kind and amount of data you are dealing with. The Community Health System, a healthcare giant announced on 18th August that their database was […]

Should I Seek A Foreign Patent: Invention Factors

As mentioned in an earlier blog, many businesses are unaware of the need and/or are unfamiliar with the procedures to extend patent rights outside the United States.  This article describes some factors characteristic of the invention itself that one may consider when making the important decision to file for patent protection in foreign countries. Invention Factors […]

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