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Check Your Homeowner’s Association Rules Before You Sign

Communities, gated or otherwise, and condos are a great place to live. Your lawn is taken care of for you. Some places even have community centers, complete with pools for use by homeowners and organized activities such as games or Zumba. But there is a catch to these types of living spaces. Before you sign […]

“Watch Dog Group” Being Sued by Family Law Attorneys

The Watch Dog Group, known throughout the Internet, has stated that the family justice system in Fort Worth is being unethical and doing many illegal activities. The family law attorneys are now fighting back and placing the blame on the website due to these posts that they’re putting out on their social media pages for […]

Are notaries and witnesses needed while making an official will?

Whether notarization or witnesses are needed to make a will official will depend on the state where the will maker lives. Additionally, the amount of witnesses needed at a will signing will also vary from one state to another. Many states just require 2 witnesses to be there as a will maker signs the will […]

Sinkholes and Who is at Fault?

I don’t know what you think but, to me, there seems to be more and more sinkholes in the U.S.A. recently.  Just within the last few days, there was a sinkhole reported in Ocala, Florida.  As a matter of fact, Florida seems to have an overabundance of sinkholes.  Perhaps the “Sinkhole State” should replace “Sunshine […]

Probate, death and taxes

Have you ever heard that saying, “The only sure things in life are death and taxes”?  You know it’s true.  If there is a way to get taxes out of someone, the government will be right there.  And probate is no different than any other tax situation.  Even after someone dies, the IRS will want […]

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